¡Healthy children are happy children!

When technology meets health we get telehealth. Telehealth is simply using digital infromation and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile diveces, to manage your health and well-being.

 Using telehealth, Innii provides healthcare for children from low-income and disadvantaged families from all over the world, who are deprived of basic medical care.

Creating an ecosystem of social responsibility, we partner with professionals, companies and organizations that provide resources, time, products and invaluable medical care.

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It's all about the children

We help the children

Innii works to help children who are from disadvantaged parts of the world, where basic medical care is difficult to provide.

Through local schools, community centers and charitable institutions we bring children the health care they need, giving them medical attention wherever they are.


Where we work

Our vision is global, our work is local

We currently touch the lives of children in Venezuela.

Our next destinations: Chile, Ecuador and the United States.


How can you help?

Are you INnii?

Whether you are a doctor, philanthropist, corporation or simply a person who wants to help children, you can be a part of the Innii ecosystem. Join us in our goal to provide health care to any child who needs it.

Together we can make the difference the children need.

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