Get involved!

Whether you are a doctor, philanthropist, corporation or simply a person who wants to help children, you can be a part of the Innii ecosystem. With your time, monetary contribution or goods and services that could be integrated into our support ecosystem, we welcome your help in fulfilling our mission. Together we can make the difference the children need.



Are you a doctor?

Fulfill your dream of being a professional who saves lives. You can be a part of Innii volunteering your medical services, and you can do it from your own home!



Are you a Corporate Sponsor?

If you are a health, services, technology or supplies provider, we can plug you into our ecosystem. Choose as your social responsibility project a cause that helps thousands of children by giving them the most basic need: health.


Are you a Philanthropist?

Sponsor one of our projects and follow the change in our childrens’ lives closely.


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