Where we work


La Casa de los Niños is a non-profit organization dedicated to feed, give academic assistance and psychological support to kids with fewer resources.

With their Soup Kitchens, a Food Bank and an Academic Assistance Program, they reach more than 550 kids; not only do they feed them, they also change their lives by means of education and promoting positive values.

Since February 2014, Innii partners with La Casa de los Niños giving the children medical attention through their Preventive Care and On-Demand Attention Programs.

Hogar Bambi is an NGO dedicated to bring integrated assistance to children ages 0 through 18, who have been deprived of a family environment, providing them with a stable home where they can be raised. Bambi helps 110 kids and teenagers, improving their emotional, physical and intellectual needs.

Innii works with Hogares Bambi since February 2014, providing the children the medical attention they need, through their telehealth programs of Preventive Care and On-Demand Attention.